FAST®  Fixed Activated Sewage Treatment
FAST® Septic Systems are more effective and more affordable than any other sewage treatment on the market today. FAST® are scientifically advanced, self-contained wastewater treatment systems that utilize only naturally occurring micro-biological activities to safely neutralize sewage effluent from family homes, vacation properties and businesses. FAST® are recommended for use in place of passive septic tanks and sewer lines.

If you answer yes to any of the following statements, you might want to check out the links below to see which FAST® system would suit you best or just contact us and we can arrange a consultation at your site.
  1. My septic system smells and it seems a little soggy in places. I have also noticed that my toilet doesn’t flush as well as it used to. I really cannot afford to replace my existing system and besides that we just landscaped last year! You may need the RetroFAST®
  2. I have a little piece of property close to the water and I need to put in a septic system. I don't have room for a huge field bed. MicroFAST® can do the job.
  3. I have a piece of property that I want to develop with the smallest eco footprint as possible and I want inside plumbing for all the modern conveniences. MicroFAST®
  4. I want to develop a piece of my land for use as a RV park and tenting business. I need to get the most use out of my space. Modular FAST®
  5. I want to develop a residential sub division but the regulatory requirements are extremely stringent for wastewater systems. Modular FAST®
  6. I am concerned about the use of the planet's water resources and would like a septic system that was capable of producing runoff water that could be reused for irrigation. FAST® Sewage Wastewater Treatment Systems transform sewage wastewater into water as clean as if it came from a public swimming area
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